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Job apps that will make your work search easier

Job apps that will make your work search easier â€Å"Simple† and â€Å"painless† are two words that are rarely associated with a job search. Usually, the descriptions job seekers use to describe the process are more along the lines of the â€Å"repetitive,† â€Å"confusing,† and â€Å"bang-my-head-on-the-desk† variety. Luckily for all of us, technology is changing all that. There is now a bevy of hiring job apps, Chrome extensions, and other tools that can take some of the sting out of looking for a new gig. We’ve rounded up five of the best job apps and tools for those on the hunt for a new job. These tools will help you manage the work of looking for work.ContactOutDuring the job search, follow up is key to getting a job. But since most job posts don’t contain the name of the hiring manager, it can be a difficult task.For finding email addresses, ContactOut  a great Chrome extension for email collection and a powerful tool for job seekers who are looking to connect directly wit h recruiters and hiring managers. Just find the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to email or call, and ContactOut scours the web for personal emails and telephone numbers, making it easier than ever to follow up on your dream job. Users get 50 free credits per day.JobScanIf an online job search were a bar, the applicant tracking system (ATS) would be the bouncer. With companies often receiving hundreds of applications for a single job opening, an ATS is the first line of screening for almost every online application. And, like a password whispered into a bouncer’s ear for entry into an exclusive hotspot, the key to getting past an ATS is having the right keywords on your resume. But how does the average job seeker know the right resume keywords to use?Enter JobScan, which optimizes your resume to boost your success with getting it past the ATS and onto the desk of a human recruiter. Just paste your resume and an interesting job ad into fields on the website and JobScan will analyze the two and make suggestions for how to improve your keyword match in the ATS. A separate service will do the same for your LinkedIn profile if you plan to apply through LinkedIn.LiveCareer ApplyIf the repetition of your job search is killing your optimism, we have the tool for you. It doesn’t take long once you’ve started looking for a new job to realize that it is a pretty tedious process. Fill out an online application. Attach your resume and cover letter. Hit send. Repeat.To reduce the monotony, LiveCareer has created a tool that makes filling out online applications fast and error-free. The LiveCareer Apply tool helps you autofill job applications  ­Ã¢â‚¬â€œ input your information once and the tool will populate applications for you. It increases your efficiency, reduces the possibility of typos or other manual data entry errors in your online forms, and works on all of the top job boards. Even better? The Chrome extension is free! Download it and start applying today!LinkedInThis mention on a list of great job apps might elicit a collective â€Å"DUH!† from active job seekers, but LinkedIn remains one of the most useful hiring apps out there. Whether you are using the app on your phone or perusing the site on your desktop computer, LinkedIn provides job seekers with the visibility they need during an online job search.Downloading LinkedIn onto your phone puts a powerful job app at your fingers tips for use anywhere. Apply for jobs on the bus, share trending industry news while watching television, or respond to messages from hiring managers in the park. Features like Easy Apply (which allows you to apply to jobs directly from your device without attaching your resume) make this one of the best job apps out there, no matter where you are, and no matter when you are using it.LinkUpOnline job boards are great, but every job seeker has experienced the frustration of spending time personalizing a resume and writing a cover letter, only to find they’ve been duped by a duplicate or outdated listing.LinkUp indexes 50,000 employer job boards daily to ensure only the most up-to-date job ads appear in your job search, making this one of the must-have job apps for serious job seekers. Users can save jobs, archive applications and search histories, and sign up for job alerts, which makes it much easier to keep track of what you’ve already viewed on the site’s two million jobs.Unlike other job apps, the company promises that all of the opportunities are verified, which means no applying to spammy jobs again. The LinkUp job app is available for free on desktop,  iOS, and  Android.With these five apps and extensions at your disposal, you’re that much closer to finding your dream job!About the Author:LiveCareer offers assistance to job seekers at every step of the journey. Access free  resume templates  and  resume examples, plus a  cover letter builder  and advice on ho w to answer  interview questions  of all stripes.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Reflection on the Improvement in My Reading, Writing, and Learning

A Reflection on the Improvement in My Reading, Writing, and Learning Reading, Writing, and Learning Process Reflection Through taking this class, I have significantly improved in my reading, writing, and learning! I have noticed these improvements several times as I have written assignments for other classes, as well as reading in general. I have focused on my strengths and aimed to fix my weaknesses. This growth and expansion is unique to this semester for me. I have never felt as confident about these skills until completion of this course. These skills will follow me into my future career, and I am appreciative of this opportunity. Prior to this course, I was not good at discovering hidden meanings and ideas in readings, and had many grammatical issues. Now, I have strengthened in both areas, thanks to the ideas and reflections presented in throughout the entire semester. Reading has always been a struggle for me. Not reading out loud, more finding the hidden themes and so forth in texts. However, this course required that we read and analyze articles such as the one by Fallow. This weakness made these writings somewhat difficult. I had to read and research a lot, however, by doing so, I learned the proper mechanisms to complete such tasks. Now, I feel confident about putting the puzzle pieces together. I can more easily pick out the hidden themes and issues that authors include in their writings. This is a great skill to master, and I am very fortunate to have such assignments that focus on enabling me to strengthen such weaknesses. Reading is not only about speaking, but also about how to find ideas and make sense of the presented materials. Reading is very essential to the entire process, because once one is familiarized with proper reading techniques , they can also improve in other areas such as writing. Through this class, my writing skills have also improved significantly. I have noticed these changes after my improvements in reading concluded. The two go together and one improves, the other follows. Initially, I dreaded writing. It is very hard to write when English is not your first language. However, now I actually enjoy writing, and use it as a way to express my thoughts and ideas. Writing is one of the most important skills that any student can possess. If one is good in writing, they can change the world. I noticed, in my initial writings, I had many grammatical errors. However, these instances are fewer now. Which I feel very proud to say. Grammar is very confusing, however, through revisions, and criticism, I have learned where my common mistakes were primarily. It was basically tense related, my errors, that is. I had a hard time deciphering which tense to use in sentences. However, I have significantly improved in such cases. I have employed an entirely new thought process through these improvements. I have learned that sometimes criticism is needed. I have learned that we all have weaknesses and these should not bring us down. I have certainly gained a more proactive attitude towards improving in things that I have struggled with for a long time. Before this change, I use to have a negative though process. Each time I faced something I struggled with I would immediately dread it. Now, when I think negatively, I can immediately reflect on more positive aspects. Like how much I have improved in all three of these skills. In the future, I hope that I can write and read at an expert level. This can be accomplished through reading and writing daily. Practice does not make perfect, but it does lead to improvements. Revisions and peer based criticism is certainly needed through this process. This is how I realized the majority of my errors in both categories. In the future, I hope to carry over the many skills I have taken with me this semester, while also aiming for more enhancements.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nursing simulated lesson plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing simulated lesson plan - Assignment Example g lounge so that the rules stipulated in the memo can be reviewed and a thorough checking be conducted in order to ensure that the students have obeyed them to the letter. The historical exercise of â€Å"hands on† teaching in healthcare professions, whereby students learn through practicing on real patients under supervision, may not be justifiable as the principal model for preparing healthcare experts. This challenge could be aggravated by the advance of directed health plans; patients paying for their own healthcare may refuse to serve as â€Å"teaching material,† the price traditionally paid for receiving care at a teaching hospital or public clinic. Consequently, clinical simulation training is needed to avoid of caregivers shortages under such situations ( Riley, 2008). The instructor will listen to how the other clinical students respond to a given incident and provide guidance where needed. The observational notes will be look over during the next class with all students. Clinical students learn in two ways, through text books, and by being in a hospital environment, which allows them to familiarize themselves with real life situations; as such, clinical simulations provide a way for the students to practice in an environment that is comparable to a real life situation. This will better prepare the students for their upcoming healthcare clinical studies (Loyd, Lake, & Greenberg, 2004). The main challenge faced by clinical students is that they are not familiar with carrying out proper procedures during circumstances that are covered in their textbooks, and it is for that reason that clinical students need to be able to have a way to practically apply the proper procedures of the medical field’s practices. The practice of using role-playing scenarios at random throughout a course of study considerably helped students to be prepared to act on any situation as if they were in a real situation ( Sanchez, Ferrin, Ogazon, Sepà ºlveda, & Ward,

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Information technology management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Information technology management - Essay Example gement refers to the discipline that comprises of resources and approaches by which information and technology resources are managed in respect to the priorities and needs identified (Clark, 2003). The resources relied on this process include data, software programs, hardware facilities like computers, information centres and facilities as well as the staff needed to maintain and oversee these systems and processes. This paper examines the concept of information and technology in organisations and the process that go in the research and creation of products that become market leaders, creating competitive advantages for them, while consolidating their market position. In addition, it focuses on apple Inc., a company that has a technological and innovation culture in the process of creating different mobile technologies and other electronic products that it sells. Apple inc., one of the chief companies in the technological industry is a multinational American company that is headquartered in California, USA (Grady, 2009). The company’s main objectives involve designing, developing and selling various kinds of consumer electronics, online services, personal computers and softwares among others. Among the products the company is known for include the iTunes Store, Apple store, the Mac and associated line of computers and the famous iPhone smartphone. Apple Inc. was established by three people, who were Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve jobs in 1976 with the main objective of developing and selling personal computers (Dormehl, 2012). Later in 1977, the company was officially incorporated under the name, Apple Computer, Inc. as the company changed and shifted its focus on consumer electronics; it changed its name to Apple Inc. in 2007. Among the many technologies that Apple Inc. has developed, the iPhone was the mobile technology that gave it success in the mobile industry as at the time of its launch. Actually, the iPhone is one of the smartphones that were

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The Underworld as the Key to Living the Greek Life Essay -- Odyssey

The Underworld as the Key to Living the Greek Life Beyond relaying a fantastic journey, featuring a glorified hero who embodies to perfection Greek ideals, Homer uses the epic books of The Odyssey to explore all the nuances of Greek culture. Each part of The Odyssey possesses a purpose beyond detailing popular mythology. Book Eleven’s Underworld becomes the culmination of all the values and ideals that Homer touches on in prior books. Homer uses the underworld as a catchall to reinforce societal protocol and religion among other things. Specifically, by focusing on the reason for Odysseus’ journey, the journey itself, the scenery of the Underworld and its occupants, Homer reveals and reinforces views on kleos, the role men and women play in society, the proper hero, religion – especially in conjunction with fate and the idea of death and rebirth. Homer’s carefully crafted views can be experienced relative to Odysseus’ journey, starting on Circe’s island. Homer sets a sumptuous scene, but Odysseus’ men are called by duty and the need to return to their homes. It is the men that spur on Odysseus. Like a responsible leader and hero, Odysseus responds immediately to his men’s pleas and, with the help of Hermes foresight, he makes plans to leave Circe’s island. This shows not only Odysseus’ responsible behavior, but also the gods’ anticipation of Odysseus’ actions. Bit by bit, in scenarios like this, the gods reveal their knowledge of fate, which their actions support. Odysseus requests that Circe â€Å"make good a promise† to which she favorably answers, adding that she will help him (10:532). Beyond the fact that a promise holds Circe to freeing Odysseus, her heritage as a goddess allows her to know that eventually he must... ...ot use The Odyssey as an editorial; rather, his oral epic artfully entwines the desolate landscape of the Underworld, the flitting shades, and Odysseus’ interactions with deeper visions of a well-structured society. As a bard, Homer keenly felt the importance of the host-guest relationship with his aristoi hosts. He achieves his purpose while spinning tales that would be entertaining to his audiences. What Homer leaves behind is a legacy that engages in discourse with the past and present and which future literature will emulate, comment on and celebrate. Works Cited Dimock, George. The Unity of The Odyssey. Amherst: U of Mass. Press, 1989. Foley, John Miles. Homer’s Traditional Art. PA: Penn State UP, 1999. Griffin, Jasper. Homer on Life and Death. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1980. Homer. The Odyssey. Ed. Robert Fagels. New York: Penguin Books, 1996.

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Nature in Literature Essay

Nature plays a huge role in many pieces of literature, but especially Basho’s Narrow Road to the Deep North and Voltaire’s Candide. There is a major difference between the two forms of literature and how nature is incorporated into each. This Japanese form of literature has a much lighter tone than that of the European style of literature. You can see a calmer, more relaxed intention into the nature that is in Basho’s Narrow Road to the Deep North. On page 413 in Basho’s piece, it says â€Å"As the year gradually came to an  end and spring arrived, filling the sky with mist, I longed to cross the Shirakawa Barrier, the most revered of poetic places. † From this section, you can see that Basho gets his inspiration for his literature and poetry from the places that he travels, and this resulted in his linked-verse sequence. Even though Basho had a long, tough journey of travels; the nature takes his breath away. On page 416 of Narrow Road to the Deep North, it says â€Å"my body and spirit were tired from the pain of the long journey; my heart overwhelmed by the landscape. † This statement  shows that regardless of the struggles, he could find a poetic sense in everything he went through. In Narrow Road to the Deep North, Basho also found religion to accompany the bright nature in his literature of his travels. On page 418, Basho writes, â€Å"the green of pine is dark and dense, the branches and leaves bent by the salty breeze—as if they were deliberately twisted. A Stalker 2 soft, tranquil landscape, like a beautiful lady powdering her face. Did the god of the mountain create this long ago, in the age of the gods? Is this the work of the Creator? † The landscape was so beautiful to Basho, that he couldn’t figure out how it came about to be what it was. He questioned if the Gods had created it. From the passages, you can tell that Basho found much beauty in nature on his journey, even though it was a tough one. Voltaire had a much different take on nature compared to Basho. After reading both passages, you can tell that Voltaire’s Candide has a much darker feel to the literature. In the opening paragraph on page 454, Voltaire writes â€Å"Once upon a time in Westphalia, in the castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, there lived a young boy whom nature had endowed with the gentlest of dispositions. † This opening sentence makes you believe that it could have a similar feel to Basho’s story. When you reach page 460, there is a line that says â€Å"While he was presenting his argument, the air grew thick, the winds blew from the four corners of the earth, and the ship was assailed by the most terrible storm, within sight of the port of Lisbon. † his passage not only shows you that the nature of the story is a lot more dramatic, but it also shows you that Voltaire is  more focused on the weather instead of the landscape. There is a dramatic earthquake and a storm that destroys the ship that they are on. Page 461 says â€Å"Whirlwinds of flame and ash covered the streets and public squares: houses disintegrated, roofs were upended upon foundations, and foundations crumbled. † Voltaire writing this in his passage just shows the reader how awful and destructive the earthquake actually was. While you understand that they encountered a massive destructive earthquake, they do actually see some light at the end of all the horrible events. On page 467, it says â€Å"’All will be well,’ was Candide’s reply. ‘Already the sea in this new world is better than those we have in Europe. It’s calmer, and the winds are more constant. It is assuredly the new world which is the best of all possible worlds. ’† This statement Stalker 3 shows that the opening statement remains true, that Candide did see nature as gentle, rather than destructive. Overall, reading these two works of literature gives you a great sense of how different Japanese nature in literature is compared to European nature in literature. Japanese nature in literature has more of a Zen feel to it than European nature does. Japanese literature focuses more on trees and landscapes, while the European literature has a great focus on the weather. Regardless of the occurrences that happened in both stories, both ended with the character looking at the brighter side of things. Nature is a beautiful thing, and both Japanese and European literature acknowledge this as you read in Basho’s Narrow Road to the Deep North and Voltaire’s Candide.

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What Are Contact Lenses Made Of

Millions of people wear contact lenses to correct their vision, enhance their appearance, and protect injured eyes. The success of contacts is related to their relatively low cost, comfort, effectiveness, and safety. While old contact lenses were made of glass, modern lenses are made of high-tech polymers. Take a look at the chemical composition of contacts and how its changed over time. Key Takeaways: Contact Lens Chemistry The first contact lenses were hard contact made of glass.Modern soft contact lenses are made of hydrogel and silicon hydrogel polymers.Hard contacts are made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or Plexiglas.Soft contacts are mass-produced, but hard contact lenses are made to fit the wearer. Composition of Soft Contact Lenses The first soft contacts were made in the 1960s of a hydrogel called polymacon or Softlens. This is a polymer made of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) cross-linked to ethylene glycol dimethacrylate. The early  soft lenses were about 38% water, but modern hydrogel lenses may be up to 70% water. Since water is used to allow oxygen permeation, these lenses increase gas exchange by getting larger. Hydrogel lenses are highly flexible and easily wetted. Silicone hydrogels came on the market in 1998. These polymer gels allow  for higher oxygen permeability than can be obtained from water, so the water content of the contact isnt particularly important. This means smaller, less-bulky lenses can be made. The development of these lenses led to the first good extended wear lenses, which could be worn overnight safely. However, there are two disadvantages of silicone hydrogels. Silicone gels are stiffer than the Softlens contacts and are hydrophobic, a characteristic that makes it difficult to wet them and reduces their comfort. Three processes are used to make silicone hydrogel contacts more comfortable. A plasma coating can be applied to make the surface more hydrophilic or water-loving. A second technique incorporates rewetting agents in the polymer. Another method lengthens the polymer chains so they are not as tightly cross-linked and can absorb water better or else uses special side chains (e.g., fluorine-doped side chains, which also increase gas permeability). At present, both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel soft contacts are available. As the composition of lenses has been refined, so has the nature of contact lens solutions. Multipurpose solutions help wet lenses, disinfect them, and prevent protein deposit build-up. Hard Contact Lenses Hard contacts have been around for about 120 years.  Originally, hard contacts were made of glass. They were thick and uncomfortable and never gained widespread appeal. The first popular hard lenses were made of the polymer polymethyl methacrylate, which is also known as PMMA, Plexiglas, or Perspex. PMMA is hydrophobic, which helps these lenses repel proteins. These rigid lenses dont use water or silicone to allow for breathability. Instead, fluorine is added to the polymer, which forms microscopic pores in the material to make a rigid gas permeable lens. Another option is to add methyl methacrylate (MMA) with TRIS to increase the permeability to the lens. Although rigid lenses tend to be less comfortable than soft lenses, they can correct a wider range of vision problems and they are not as chemically reactive, so they can be worn in some environments where a soft lens would present a health risk. Hybrid Contact Lenses Hybrid contact lenses combine the specialized vision correction of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft lens. A hybrid lens has a hard center surrounded by a ring of soft lens material. These newer lenses can be used to correct astigmatism and corneal irregularities, offering an option besides hard lenses. How Contact Lenses Are Made Hard contacts tend to be made to fit an individual, while soft lenses are mass-produced. There are three methods used to make contacts: Spin Casting - Liquid silicone is spun on a revolving mold, where it polymerizes.Molding - Liquid polymer is injected onto a rotating mold. Centripetal force shapes the lens as the plastic polymerizes. Molded contacts are moist from start to finish. Most soft contacts are made using this method.Diamond Turning (Lathe Cutting) - An industrial diamond cuts a disk of polymer to shape the lens, which is polished using an abrasive. Both soft and hard lenses can be shaped using this method. Soft lenses are hydrated after the cutting and polishing process. A Look to the Future Contact lens research focuses on ways to improve the lenses and solutions used with them to reduce the incidence of microbial contamination. While increased oxygenation offered by silicone hydrogels deters infection, the structure of the lenses actually makes it easier for bacteria to colonize the lenses. Whether a contact lens is being worn or being stored also affects how likely it is to be contaminated. Adding silver to lens case material is one way to reduce contamination. Research also looks at incorporating antimicrobial agents into the lenses. Bionic lenses, telescopic lenses, and contacts intended to administer drugs are all being researched. Initially, these contact lenses may be based on the same materials as current lenses, but its likely new polymers are on the horizon. Contact Lens Fun Facts Contact lens prescriptions are for particular brands of contacts because the lenses arent quite the same. Contacts from different brands arent the same thickness or water content. Some people do better wearing thicker, high water content lenses, while others prefer thinner, less hydrated contacts. The specific manufacturing process and materials also affect how quickly protein deposits form, which is more of a consideration for some patients than others.Leonardo da Vinci proposed the idea of contact lenses in 1508.Blown glass contacts made in the 1800s were shaped using cadaver eyes and rabbit eyes as molds.Although they had been designed some years earlier, the first plastic hard contacts were commercially available in 1979. Modern hard contacts are based on the same designs.